Pontiac council report - can McCann sit as councillor?
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting on 10 November 2015 in Luskville was attended by about 25 members of the public. Newly elected Quyon councillor Eddie McCann was in the audience. His position is not finalized until Friday 13th November, an automatic delay in procedure.

Controversy over Eddie McCann’s eligibility
A last-minute motion suggesting that Mr McCann was ineligible to present himself as a candidate in municipal elections, and referring the matter to the municipal legal advisor, for clarification with Elections Québec and Municipal Affairs, was passed by a majority. Councillor Pontiroli voted against this motion, saying that McCann had won an important majority of votes, and only a person who voted or the opposing candidate may contest an election.
In the public question period at the end McCann asked Mayor Larose if he supported the motion. (Yes). McCann inquired what budget line the legal fees would come from and what limit is put on how much to spend. Mr Larose said, “I don’t know.” McCann then wondered “if the mayor and Councillor Maxsom are in conflict of interest, having worked on the opposing candidate’s campaign.” Also in the public input, Debbie Cloutier-Tremblay questioned “the integrity of the councillor for ward 4 (Ms Pontiroli) going against the law, ... she is breaking the law.”

The mayor gave his report on the municipality’s finances as required before the budget. This is available on the municipal website or from the municipal offices.
Brian Middlemiss is confirmed for a further term as Pro-Mayor.

For October, invoices amounting to $67,935 and fixed expenses of $115,704 were approved. Incurred expenses for November, $15,836 were accepted.

Other expenses
A maintenance plan for the water and sewage networks in Quyon must be made to have access to grants from the gas tax fund. No tenders were received for the complete job, but an agreement for some of the work has been negotiated with Clear Water Works Inc, which will provide important data on the potential of the network to cope with residential development, and the capacity of the treatment plant to deal with septic system sludge. CWW Inc were given the mandate on 28 October to carry out work at an hourly rate, to a maximum of $25,000, to come from the surplus.

An employee in the finance department will have course fees of $525 refunded on successful completion of the course.

A reserve fund for seniors is established with $355, profits from the “Thé et tarte” (tea and pie) activity at Thanksgiving.

Fire department
Transport Québec has authorized a pilot project to allow volunteer firefighters to use green flashing lights on their personal vehicles in emergencies. This should reduce response times.
The Québec government has a financial assistance program for firefighter training. The MRC will be asked for a grant from this program as 21 firefighters need to be trained next year.

Crystal Deschambault is appointed to issue building permits and certificates and act as secretary of the CCU (planning committee).

An architectural implementation and integration plan (PIIA) must be prepared for Domaine des Chutes, the proposed subdivision on the north side of ch Hôtel-de-ville, by January 2016.

A bylaw will be introduced to reduce the cost of applying for a minor variance from $750 to $400. Members of the CCU will no longer receive payment for attending meetings. Formerly the chair received $100, the secretary $75, and members $50 per meeting, unless they were members of council. Municipal councillors do not receive compensation for chairing the CCU or attending meetings.

The agreement giving the MRC responsibility for watercourses was renewed.

The City of Gatineau will be contacted about the possibility of closing the south end of ch Terry-Fox, used as a public access to the river. The excessive traffic disturbs the neighbours. This municipal road is jointly owned by Pontiac and Gatineau.

Parks and Playgrounds
Lucie Grenier, the owner of 162 ch Sumac, which includes a house on 3 acres, wishes to subdivide the property into 3 lots. She chooses to pay 10% of the value of the land (as evaluated) into the Parks and playgrounds fund, rather than contributing land, an amount of $9,920. This was accepted.
The work on Parc des Hirondelles and Parc Bellevue is completed and the Parks fund is now $14,280 overdrawn. This will be paid from the rolling fund and reimbursed when funds are available from the Parks and playground fund.

Snowmobile trail
Public works will ensure that brush cleaning and maintenance on Curley Lake road is done by the Pontiac Snowmobile Driver’s Association Inc.

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