Pontiac council report - Larose wants to disqualify McCann
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting on 8 December 2015 in Luskville was attended by about 30 members of the public. Six councillors sat at the table including Quyon’s newly elected councillor Eddie McCann, replacing Denis Dubé who resigned at the end of June.

Controversy over Eddie McCann’s eligibility continues
A majority of council voted for a motion to ask the municipal lawyer to make a request to the Director General of Elections to disqualify Mr McCann from sitting as councillor. Councillor Pontiroli asked Mayor Larose if the advice of the lawyer had been obtained as resolved at the November meeting, and who on council had met the lawyer. Mr Larose said that only he had met the lawyer. Pontiroli then asked “Is the motion tonight based on advice from the legal advisor?” No answer was given. Pontiroli stated that she voted against since Council has not received any legal advice and was not able to analyse the file or know the cost to taxpayers of this action. Councillor Amyotte also voted against, saying he believes council “should respect the democratic choice expressed by the population.” Councillor McCann did not vote.

More council meetings to be held in Breckenridge and Quyon
Councillor McCann proposed that the May and October meetings be held in Breckenridge, and the March and August meetings in Quyon. This was passed by a majority of council, Councillors Middlemiss and Draper-Maxsom voting against.

Parc du Sault-des-Chats
The CDE Pontiac was the coordinating organization for the proposed Chats Falls Park. As the CDE was abolished with the restructuring of services for economic development in Québec in 2015, the CLD des Collines will take over the project. The mayor and director general are named to sit on the management committee.

Land donation to CSPO
The municipality will donate the lot at 24 du Village in Luskville (about one acre) to the Commission Scolaire des Portages-de-l’Outaouais to allow an addition to be made to the Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie school building. The lot is immediately to the south of the existing building. A new agreement will be made for sharing the gymnasium and school yard with the municipality. A similar agreement will be offered to the Western Québec School Board for Onslow school in Quyon.

MRC des Collines will take over 911 service
To standardize communication in the municipalities in the MRC des Collines, and to allow better cooperation and coverage for police and fire risks, and emergency communication, the 911 service will be centralized. Council accepts a mobile coverage proposal for the entire MRC.

For November, invoices amounting to $33,390 and fixed expenses of $433,350 were approved. Incurred expenses for December, $21,000 were accepted.

Other expenses
$10,300 to MOSAIC 3D Inc, to use laser scanning technology to estimate the volume of material removed annually from sandpits and quarries. Operators have to contribute to a fund to maintain roads depending on their declaration of tonnage of material moved. Mr McCann voted against, saying that we should not question the honesty of local businesses.

$5,300 to Nugent Construction Inc for snowploughing ch Camp Gatineau for winter 2015-16.

$2,000 for a contract to evaluate the level of risk and safety for the property at 68 ch de la Baie.

Sale of surplus vehicles
A single resolution to sell four vehicles failed to pass. Ms Pontiroli said there should be four separate resolutions and she was supported by McCann and Amyotte. Ms Draper-Maxsom did not vote.

A resolution to clarify the titles of municipal properties and roads passed, with the mayor breaking the tied vote. The three opposing councillors felt that the wording was not clear concerning possible adoption of tolerance roads by the municipality.

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