Pontiac council budget 2013 - overall no increase in taxes
Mo Laidlaw
The Pontiac budget meeting was held on 18 December 2012 at the Luskville community centre. About 32 members of the public were present, many of whom wanted more details on paper, including a comparison with the previous year’s budget. The budget of $6.3 million was adopted by a majority of council, Councillor Brian Middlemiss voting against. The general tax rate remains at 0.6254 per $100 of evaluation, the lowest in MRC des Collines. Service charges for garbage have increased by 6% (now $230 for residences), and for Quyon residents, water charges are up 4% and sewer charges down 8%.
The mayor explained that MRC costs are 26.3% of the budget, $1.7 million, and have gone up 14% (this includes administration, planning and police). The municipality’s contribution is based on total evaluation which is now $646 million, ($729 million when adjusted for year of evaluation), 11% of the MRC evaluation.
In the mayor’s speech given on 20 November, Mayor Eddie McCann stated that projects for 2013 include: upgrading the drinking water supply network in Quyon (to allow for housing development), buying one fire truck, installing the system for treating septic sludge, building the community centre in Quyon and continuing with the Chats Falls park project.

Where the money goes
Spending on Transport (roads, snow clearing etc) is up only 0.8%, to $1.85 million
Public security (fire, police, and animal control) is up 6.4% to $1.6 million.
General administration is up 13% to $1.1 million. This is the biggest increase this year.
The public health budget is up 5% to $1 million. This includes water, sewers, garbage and recycling.
Town planning, zoning and development costs are up 21% to $511,934.
Costs for arts and recreation, which includes parks, libraries and community centres, are back up to $339,000, about the same level as in 2011 after a drop last year.
Annual interest on loans to pay for paving roads, the sewage lagoon, fire trucks, grader and so on, amounts to $229,507, down 4%.

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