What are the traffic rules for roundabouts in Québec?


I have checked the SAAQ publications:
Drivers Handbook (2004)
Driving a Passenger vehicle (1991)
as well as the SAAQ and MTQ websites – with no results.

But what if we search for “carrefour giratoire”?
If you then click on McConnell-Laramée (! now Allumettières) you will see an animated view of the rules. Apparently it is OK to take the 3rd exit (ie turn left) starting from the right hand lane. This page has not yet been translated into English.

If you click on the bicycle symbol you will learn that cyclists must follow the same rules as pedestrians, must never cycle through the roundabout, and must use the pedestrian crossings designed for that purpose.

This is what the highway code in the UK suggests:
(image inverted to correct for driving on the right side of road)

Here’s a pdf brochure put out by Waterloo region in Ontario:

Page 6 and 7 of this pdf is a long-winded explanation with good diagrams of the rules of the road in British Columbia from the Insurance Corporation of BC website:

Updated: Tuesday, 9 October, 2007