Schools in South Hull, 1830 - 1951
A history of education in the Gatineau Valley, Gatineau Protestant Teachers’ Association, Centenary Display, 1964.
WQSB archives for South Hull School Board

Map showing location of Nos 1, 2, 3, 4 and new South Hull Schools.

The Tabernacle, Mountain Road.
A log building, located on lot 17, Range 6, South Hull township, was built in 1830, and used as both church and school. The building stood until the mid 1940s.

No 1, the Stone School, 825 Aylmer Road. Built in 1830s, burned in 1870, rebuilt in 1872. Sold in 1951/2 and now used as a Masonic Temple.

No 2, Simmons School, at the NW corner of Pink and Vanier (then Deschênes) Roads. Built in 1868 on property donated by William Simmons, this school was razed in the Great Fire of 1870, and rebuilt shortly afterwards. It was replaced by a brick schoolhouse in 1911. Sold in 1952 and used as a residence.

No 3, the Brick School, corner of Pink and Perry Roads. Built in 1880 on land donated by Charles Breckenridge, this was used as both church and school. Demolished in 1952.

No 4, Hooper Wright School, “Cement”, corner of Gamelin and Cité des Jeunes (then Mountain and Mine Roads). Built in 1832 by Hooper Wright and Samuel Benedict, this school burned down in 1848, and rebuilt as a frame building in the 1850s and again with cement blocks in 1908. The site was bought by the Federal District Commission (now NCC) in 1952, and the building demolished. (See Janet Benedict’s notes.)

Deschênes School
Built in the early 1800s by the Conroy Lumber Company, this school was annexed by South Hull Township about 1928. The building was destroyed by fire in 1949.

No 6, ?

Payne’s School

(where?) The site was donated by Mr. Narcisse Lavigne, and the ratepayers supplied all the materials and labour to construct the building, opened in 1906...

South Hull School
The consolidated school of South Hull was built in 1950-51 by Vipond Construction, to replace the four one-room schools, nos 1 to 4, (and Deschênes school?) and consisted of four classrooms, auditorium (now cafeteria), kitchen, washrooms and office on 4.67 acres in Lakeview Terrace.
In 1953 four more classrooms, teachers’ room, janitor’s storeroom and two washrooms were added by Fred Cummings Construction.
There was a fire in late 1957, and some(?) classes were moved temporarily to “a church on Aylmer Road” (Hall of Christ Church, Aylmer?). The damage was repaired.
In 1959, six more classrooms and an auditorium/ gymnasium and janitor’s residence were added by P.E. Brulé Co. Ltd. Another 1.3 acres of land at the east end of the school were bought in 1960, bringing the total area to about 6 acres.
In 1982, the small gym and adjoining rooms were added at the west end, and the library, 6 classrooms and other rooms were added at the east end.

Photo: Presentation of Key at Opening of South Hull School, 13 April 1951.
Photo: South Hull School Commissioners, 1951.
Staff and classes 1949 to 1975.
Photo: Staff of South Hull School, June 1959.
Photo: Presentation to Mrs. Mabel Faris 1971, by Principal John Keirstead..
Staff 1975-2001.

Selected School Board records, 1949 on.

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