Municipality of Pontiac strategic plan adopted 10 April 2012.

By 2014, begin the Sault-des-Chats Park and complete it by 2016, by counting on information and involvement from our citizens and municipal partners.

By 2016, create 100 jobs within the municipality through the installation of a new medical health centre, an industrial park, a supermarket, a riverside service station, tourist accommodation, a brewery and the production of wine, cheese and beer.

By 2014, create our identity, our new image and new signature by re-evaluating our partnerships with the National Capital Commission (NCC) and the regional county municipality (MRC), while counting on the involvement of citizens, consultations with citizens on projects, as well as on the development of our historical heritage, the revitalization of farming and the development and improvement of the village of Quyon.

By 2013, create, improve and increase services to our citizens.

By 2016, have more than 8000 resident citizens in our municipality by developing a citizen retention plan, by improving the road network, in particular route 148, by developing our high-speed internet system and giving our continuing support to the ferry project, and this while maintaining the lowest level of taxes possible.