Mabel Faris’s grade 2 class in 1953-54
Back row: - , Bobby Emerson, Donald Dawson, Ronnie Langton, Jacques Lussiner, - , Roger Latray, Robert Jamieson, Ronnie Lafontaine, Billy Watson, Jimmy Cook, Gary Meadows, Richard Last, Andy Campbell, - .
Middle row: Mrs Faris, - , Betty Findlay, Cheryl Hyde, - , Nelson Holtman, William Simmons, - , - , Brian Hill, Susan - , - , Mary Shouldice.
Front row: Dahl Johnson, Diane Scrivener, Nina Tschaplinski, Helen Percival, Willamena Odink, - , - , Brenda McCluff, Lynne McConnell, - , - , Bonnie Radmore.

Miss Graham’s grade 3 class in 1953-54.

Back row: Ronald Davidson, Bronnie Peever, Edgar Elliott, Billy Langton, Terry Carleton, Robert Faris, Thomas MacDonald, Garry Benedict, Norman Osgoode, Wayne Smith, Gerry McCauley, Billy Maxwell, Wallace Robertson.
Middle row: Miss Graham, Carolyn Faris, Lois Gifford, Jean Perry, Rosemary Gray, Diane Cook, Irene Verrall, Gail Shouldice, Linda Billings, Beverley Warren.
Front row: Freda Radmore, Dorothy Radmore, Michelle Gratton, Diane Haw, Maureen Routliffe, Hilary Radmore, Alice Simmons, Joanna Robinson, Patsy Delaney.

Jimmy Davis’s grade 6/7 and grade 5 in 1953-54

Back row: John Faris, Edmond Purvis, Bob Peppy, Bob Johnston, Bob Durfy, Eldon Perry, Hoy Steele, Kenny Davidson, Wesley Jamieson, Winston Casselman, Barry Vraig, Ernest Cook, Ron Tysick.
Middle row: Mr Davis, Donna Armstrong, Frances Hill, Sandra Simmons, Kay Watson, Gloria Gifford, Betty Maxwell, Jean Lusk, Beppie Odink, Marilyn Peppy, Joanne Meadows, Annie Flowers, Fay Billings.
Front row: Donna Ness, Sylvia Walker, Marlene Davis, Donna Cook, Connie Lewis, Anne Routliffe, Sharon McConnell, Marilyn Dawson, Gladys Jamieson.

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