South Hull School 50th anniversary, 13 April 2001

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Some early history, before the consolidated school:
Map: Hull Township in 1831
South Hull Township, 1879-1974
Schools in South Hull, 1830-1951
The Stone School, No 1, 1830s-1951 (photo of old and new school, 1951).
Simmons School, No 2, 1868-1951 (1906 school photo).
Hooper Wright School, No 4, 1832-1951 (1908ish and 1938 school photos).

South Hull School, 1951-2001
In May 1949, the South Hull School Board held a public meeting to get approval to build a consolidated Intermediate school to replace several one-room schools. The new school would have four classrooms and an auditorium. Four lots on Crescent Drive, totalling 4.67 acres, were bought from the Veterans’ Land Administration (who owned Lakeview Terrace) for $800, as a site for the school. Hibbert Vipond Construction built the school for $82,329. Furniture, equipment, landscaping and architect’s fees brought the total cost up to $92,000, of which the Department of Education would pay 50% over 5 years. It was built between July 1950 and March 1951.

Three classes of students, from grades 1 to 8, moved from three one-room schools on 3 April 1951, and completed the year there.
The official opening took place on 13 April 1951.
Photo: Presentation of Key at Opening of South Hull School.
Photo: South Hull School Commissioners, 1951.

Already by September 1951 the new school was overcrowded, with 168 pupils enrolled in grades one to nine, in four classes, (17 more students arrived during the year). The School Board started planning the first extension — two more classrooms. By May 1952 this had expanded to four new classrooms, a teachers room, janitor’s storeroom and two washrooms, at a total cost of nearly $80,000. There were many problems with getting a grant from the Department of Education and it was July 1953 before the board was authorized to give the contract for the extension, which was built by F.E. Cummings Construction.

Staff in 1953, photo
Grades 2, 3 and 5-7 in 1953-54, photos
Grade 3 in 1955-56, photo
Grade 3 in February 1957, photo
The fire, late 1957 (stories)
Lakeview Terrace Association photos

In January 1958 the School Board requested permission to add four classrooms, a lunch room and janitor’s living quarters to the school, “due to a number of break-ins, which may have had something to do with our recent fire”. The next month the Department of Education told the board that they would need a six-classroom extension by 1959-60. A further lot (1.3 acres) was bought for $1400. The total cost of construction, furniture and equipment, land, and fees for this extension was $163,701, and a 70% grant for construction was received from the Department of Education. The builder was P.E. Brulé Co Ltd. Final payment to the contractor was made in August 1960.

Photo: Staff of South Hull School, June 1959 (taken by Principal Ellen Bronson).
Photo: Grade 4 in 1959-60.
Photo: Mabel Faris’s grade 7 class, 1962-63.
Miss Young’s Kindergarten in 1962 and an unknown date.
Kindergarten was started in 1960 or 1961. The school included grades 8 and 9 between 1950 and 1964, making it an Intermediate School. From 1964 it became an Elementary School.

Photo: Presentation to Mrs. Mabel Faris 1971, by Principal Morton Keirstead.

The first students to take Early French Immersion started in Kindergarten in 1974.
In 1975 two portable classrooms were added.
In 1982 six more classrooms, a special education room, kindergarten and gymnasium were added to give a total of 24 classrooms. Ed Brunet et Fils were the contractors. (The portables were moved to the School Board building).

Principals 1950 to 2001
Staff and classes 1949 to 1975
Staff 1975-2001

Selected School Board records, 1949- (Mostly to do with building school and extensions).

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