Documents from the South Hull School Board files
held in archives of Western Quebec School Board.

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30 May 1949. Minute book. Meeting of Protestant ratepayers held. Mr Aikman, School Inspector, presented plans and figures for a consolidated school in South Hull, showing cost of such a project. 48 voted in favour of plan, 7 against.

7 June 1949. Minute book. Board decided to appoint Cecil Burgess as Architect for new school building. Meeting to choose school site, to be held corner of Crescent Drive and Deschênes Rd. Donation to be made to teachers of 75¢ per pupil to buy prize books.

10 June 1949. Minute book. Meeting at corner of Crescent Drive and Deschênes Rd. (now Vanier) 7.30 PM, school board, architect, DVA (Veterans’ Affairs) representative, and ratepayers. Resolution carried to accept offer made by DVA, of four lots, a little over 4 acres, at the price of $200 per acre.

10 June 1949. Cecil Burgess’s reply to 8 June 1949 letter from School commissioners, thanking them for his appointment as architect for proposed new school.

6 September 1949. Minute book. Invite Mr Burgess to meet school board in the Stone School, Aylmer Rd, Sept 13, 8.30 PM and present plans of proposed new school. Also inform Supervisor at DVA of wish to purchase four lots, as agreed at meeting at Lakeview Terrace.

13 September 1949. Minute book. Mr Tedham, representing Cecil Burgess Architect, presented plans and specifications for new school. Adopted in principal. Moved and carried that name for new school be South Hull protestant School. Secretary to be authorized to call for tenders.

1 November 1949. Resolution by School Commissioners of South Hull to purchase four lots: 15A 156, 15A 157, 15A 160, and 15A 161, Range 1 of South Hull township, from the Director, the Veterans’ Land Act, for $800.

10 November 1949. Public Notice about 1 November motion.

November 1949. Tenders will be received until 5 pm Friday Dec 2, 1949, to construct a new protestant school and garage by July 1st 1950. Plans and specifications to be obtained from the architect, Cecil Burgess, upon deposit of cheque for $25. Tenders must be accompanied by certified cheque for 10% of the amount of bid.

13 December 1949. Minute book. Five tenders were received for construction of new school:
M. Sullivan & Son Ltd, Arnprior $91,447
Thos Fuller Const., Ottawa $95,900
Ed Brunet & Sons, Hull $91,850
D & E Const. Co, Cardinal, Ont. $87,200
Vipond Construction Co, Hull $79,200
Resolved that with approval of the Dept of Education, accept tender of Vipond Construction for construction of the new school with addition of radiant heating at $80,300.

Secretary should forward tenders to Dept. of Education, recommending Vipond Construction for following reasons: Lowest tender, a local company and also because Mr Vipond is a protestant and in the opinion of this board is a very reliable man.

Ask Mr Vipond to quote a price for levelling of school site in accordance with architects plans.

Four tenders were received for position of Bus Driver
Rodger Tassé $15 per week
Mrs Borden Allen $75 per month
Ludger Lachaine $100 per month
E.J. Larocque $225 per month
Accepted Rodger Tassé tender at $15 per week.

7 December 1949. Letter from W.P. Percival, Director of Protestant Education, Dept of Education, Quebec, to school board, requesting copy of plans and specifications for proposed school. Specifications are in WQSB South Hull file and include everything down to the clocks in the classrooms.

23 December 1949. Three page letter from W.J. Percival, asking for costs and legal description of site. Costs are handwritten on letter, presumably by W.G. Simmons, secretary-treasurer of school board:
Construction 82,329
Site 800
Furniture and equipment 4,000
Landscaping 1,000
Architects’s fees 4,375
Tender of $80,300 submitted by Vipond Construction is acceptable to Dept of Education. Municipality is eligible for grant of 50% of cost of school, but not for garage/caretaker’s residence. Twelve comments on the plans follow, including the need for a water fountain in the assembly hall-playroom. There are also ten comments on the specification, for example: washrooms should be painted white and mastic floors should be green if available. All varnish and paint must be dull finish, high gloss is not acceptable.

30 December 1949. Letter from Hibbert Vipond—Vipond Construction would be pleased to quote on levelling the school site.
Motto: We Go Anywhere And Tackle Anything.


5 January 1950. Letter from Cecil Burgess, architect, stating that fees are 5% of building cost, plus 2.5% of tender price for plans for garage and caretaker’s apartment if they are not built.

11 January 1950. Letter from The Bell Telephone Company of Canada, suggesting the use of conduit to conceal telephone wires. Advice from the Engineering Dept is available without expense.

11 January 1950. Letter from Hibbert Vipond, quoting for additions to the contract to build the school: ceiling for the auditorium, drinking fountain, venetian blinds for windows facing south, grading including drain tile, Holophane blackboard lights.

12 January 1950. Letter from school board to Mr. W.P. Percival, giving costs he had requested, including additions to tender.

15 February 1950. Telegram from Quebec from C. Howard Aikman (regional inspector of schools) to school board, re issuing of bonds.

18 February 1950. Minute book. Special public meeting held in the Stone School to approve construction of new school, purchase of site, borrowing $92,000 by means of $100 bonds. (Insufficient notice was given to the public for this meeting so the school board had to re-post the public notice, and hold another special public meeting on 4 April.)

25 March 1950. Public notice re resolution to purchase school site, build new consolidated school, authorize sale of bonds, levy special tax.

5 April 1950. Public notice re decision to construct new school.

7 June 1950. Telegram from Quebec from C. Howard Aikman to school board. Plans awaiting approval of Provincial Secretary and Minister of Municipal Affairs.

4 July 1950. Letter from John Graham re financing of construction of school, requesting information on number of taxpayers (354), number of pupils in 1944 (70), 1949 (85) and 1950 (95). (John Graham & Co issued bonds.)

7 July 1950. Letter from John A. Aylen, notary, giving opinion that title of lots is satisfactory, purchase may be completed at any time. Also need agreement with Veterans’ Land Administration on water services.

19 July 1950. Deed of Sale of land for school registered. The four lots total 203639 square feet (4.67 acres), cost $800. (Signed 21 December 1949.)

19 July 1950. Water services agreement registered.

31 July 1950. Contract bond for Vipond Construction in amount of $41, 076, from Wellington Fire Insurance Co.

14 September 1950. Letter to Hibbert Vipond from school board re installation of phone conduit.

15 September 1950. Letter from South Hull Township (R.E. Edey) to school board, re location of standpipe and hose for fire protection near entrance to new school, and another in the furnace room.

5 November 1950. Tender from Leo Cayer to Vipond Construction for plastering new school: $1900.

7 November 1950. Minute book. Deschênes school lot posted for sale for $1500. (This school was destroyed by fire in 1949).

11 December, 1950. Letter from Hibbert Vipond re plastering estimate. (The following week the board decided not to plaster the school.)

27 December 1950. Letter from Moyer School Supplies Limited, acknowledging order for 60 Chair desks and other items.


13 January 1951. Letter from Barrett Roofing, stating that the roof has been completed.

1 February 1951. Minute book. The school board meet in the new school to inspect it.

6 March 1951. Minute book. Regular meeting of the school commissioners held in the new school. Mr Vipond presented for approval a program for the opening of the new school which was accepted with amendments. Mr C.W. Nickel(?) of Aylmer protestant School Board stated that no provision would be made for South Hull pupils in proposed new High School in Aylmer.

19 March 1951. Minute book. Hold back $20,000 of amount of contract due to condition of brickwork, until school is accepted by officials of Dept of Education. Advertise for additional teacher for 1951-52 offering a good salary.

27 March 1951. Minute book, special meeting held in the new school. Request Gatineau Power Co. to discontinue electric service in Stone and Cement schools.

3 April 1950 (Tuesday). Pupils from #1, #2 and #4 schools start at new school after Easter Holiday 23 March to 2 April.

13 April 1951 (Friday). Official opening of new school.

23 April 1951. Minute book. $25 rental will be charged for the auditorium for motion pictures, concerts, dances, etc. No liquor is allowed in the school or grounds and the auditorium is not available for card parties. Agreed that No 2 school be rented to Walter Cook as a residence on a monthly basis at $25 per month (rented as is, without water or electricity). Inform Mr Burgess, architect that as soon as brickwork has been repaired our Board are ready to pay Vipond construction money due them less 15% hold back. Secretary send contracts to Teachers to be signed at the following salaries:
Miss Ellen Bronson (as principal) $2300 + pension stoppage
Miss Marjorie McConnell 2000 + pension stoppage
Mrs Beulah Adler 1800 + pension stoppage
Mrs Stanley Shouldice 1800 + pension stoppage
Mr Desjardins of DVA called re water agreement.

1 May 1951. Renewed Building Permit for one year, to construct one storey school, from Municipality of South Hull, signed by W. D. Edey, sec.treas.

30 May 1951. Letter from Vipond Construction asking for balance of money due, as school is now completed.

7 July 1951. Letter from William Munroe, Regional Inspector, Dept of Education, to school board. Lists points which still require attention with regard to new school, including: crumbly mortar, pools of water in grounds, “roof drainage over the boys’ porchway is unsatisfactory”, uneven paint in teachers’ room, sticking doors, one toilet is not flushing properly, and low power lines reduce the available playing space outdoors.

10 August 1951. Letter from Moyer School Supplies Limited to school board, saying that 15 large ($18.65 each) and 15 medium ($18.10 each) New Empire Model chair desks, and a teacher’s desk ($65.15) and chair ($12.90) should arrive before 1 September.

13 August 1951. Architect’s certificate stating that Vipond Construction is entitled to receive the final payment of $17,743.22. The total cost of material and labour to erect South Hull School was $85,743.22. This was signed on 28 August by Hibbert Vipond, when he received payment. $68 was paid to the municipality of South Hull for the building permit.

26 September 1951. Letter from the school board to William Munroe, Regional Inspector, Dept of Education: “Due to the overcrowded conditions at our new school (168 pupils enrolled and a few more to come in yet) the Commissioners request permission to add two classrooms, and would like to know the amount of grant they would receive towards cost of these two classrooms. There is also the matter of an estimated deficit of $10,000 for completion of present school building.”

29 October 1951. Minute book. Special meeting held in the South Hull school. Mr Munroe, School Inspector and Mr Giles of the Dept of Education were also present. The tenders for the sale of No 1 & No 4 Schools were opened.
The following bids were received for Stone School No 1, Lot 14A-2, Range 2, Hull Township with buildings erected thereon:
King Solomon Lodge No 69 (Masons of Aylmer, Quebec) $2,025
C. Alexander 2,000
Gerald Grimes 1,700
F. Portielje 1,555
H. Vipond 1,010
Philip Foran 750

G. Findlay 500
E.R. Seguin 1,050
Accepted bid made by King Solomon Lodge No 69.

The following bids were received for No 4 school:
Federal District Commission $2,600
C. Alexander 2,000
H. Vipond 2,510
Roland Douglas 1,200


11 February 1952. Letter from the school board to Dr. W.P. Percival, Director of Protestant Education, Dept. of Education, Quebec. “As suggested ... our board have had the firm of Burgess and McLean prepare sketch plans for the addition of four classrooms to our new school. Our Board ... have approved the plans ... these classrooms are urgently required for Sept. 1st.”

20 May 1952. Public notice that school board intends to build an extension to the present school, consisting of four classrooms, teachers’ room, janitor’s storeroom and two washrooms, at an approximate cost of —
new construction $60,000
extras $2,500
Architects fees 5% $3,125
furniture and equipment $6,861
financing 10% $7,248.60
total approximate cost $79,734.60
and that Messrs Burgess & McLean architects be requested to prepare the necessary plans and specifications.

July 1952. Tender from F.E Cummings Construction Co Ltd for erection of additions to the South Hull School.

28 July 1952. Letter from the school board to Dr. W.P. Percival, enclosing five tenders for the extensions to our school. Recommend that bid of $58,490 made by F.E. Cummings Construction be accepted. Copy of resolution attached. (The lowest bid was from a company with no experience of building schools, and was not signed by the owner of the company.)

12 September 1952. Letter from Omer-Jules Desaulniers, Superintendent, Dept of Education. “On the recommendation of your Member, Mr. Gérard Desjardins, the Honourable the Provincial Secretary has accorded your school board a grant of sixty per cent of the lowest tender, $56,980, toward the cost of building an extension... The grant amounting to $34,188 will be paid in five equal annual instalments of $6,837.60.”

20 September 1952. Letter from the school board to Dr. W.P. Percival. Board wishes to know if tender of F.E. Cummings Construction ($58,490) has been approved by Dept of Education. Also if $34,188 is the total amount of grant as this is only about 45% of the total costs of $75,732.99. Board do not feel that they can proceed with this amount of grant. Operating costs will be sharply increased this term by
Increases in four teachers salaries, amounting to $1,100
Salaries for two extra teachers 3,500
Operating costs of extra bus 2,000
Total $6,600
“Kindly give the matter of a grant toward this project further consideration”.


31 March 1953. Letter from Gérard Desjardins MLA (Maniwaki) to school board. “I would very much like to meet ... if it was possible for the members of your Board to come up to Maniwaki. The road is fairly good, so I hope this will not be too much of an inconvenient.”

18 May 1953. Letter from Gérard Desjardins MLA (Maniwaki) to school board. “I have received from Quebec a letter ... and I am very sorry to say it is not favourable. I am leaving for Quebec this morning and I will take the matter up again. I am very sorry it takes so long to get this thing settled and I will make another attempt.”

17 June 1953. Public notice about meeting to adopt a loan resolution in connection with building an extension to the South Hull School.

8 July 1953. Telegram from H.S. Billings, Dept of Education, to school board: school board authorized to give contract for extension.


31 March 1955. Letter from J.M. McLean, of Burgess and McLean Architects, to school board, re school additions. “some items still to be completed ... have been brought to the attention of the General Contractor... You stated that the heating system does not appear to be adequate to heat some of the new classrooms. The reason for this is that the circulating pump is not running continuously ... The heating system is designed for continuous pump operation”.


2 January 1958. Letter to Dr E.S. Giles, Dept of Education from school board. “Due to overcrowding in our lower grades and a steady growth in the school population in our municipality, our Board respectfully request permission to add four classrooms, a lunch room and janitor’s living quarters to our school. Due to a number of breakins at our school which may have had something to do with our recent fire, our Board feel that having a resident janitor would be insurance against future breaking in... What amount of grant could we expect to receive? ... We would like to have these extra classrooms for Sept 1st if possible.”

5 February 1958. Letter from Dr E.S. Giles, Dept of Education to school board. “I asked Mr W.C. McCullogh, your School Inspector to investigate the situation... He indicates that a six-classroom extension will be needed by 1959-60. Your Board is hereby authorized to engage an architect to prepare preliminary plans for a six-classroom extension.”

25 July 1958. Telegram from Dr E.S. Giles, to school Board: “Final plans approved. You may call for tenders.”

25 July 1958. Letter from Omer Jules Desaulniers, Superintendent of Education, confirming telegram.

6 September 1958. Letter to P.E. Brulé Co Ltd, from school board. “Your tender for construction of additions to the South Hull School at a price of $132,950, plus $550 for change of subtender for heating and plumbing, is accepted”.

12 September 1958. Public notice that board has decided to build additions to the school consisting of six classrooms, an auditorium and a residence for the janitor at an approximate cost of
Construction $133,500
Purchase 1 acre of land 1,400
Notaries fees 90
Landscaping 5,000
Furniture and equipment 11,754
Architects fees, 5% 6,675
Printing of Bonds 600
Discount on sale of Bonds 11,407
Estimated total cost 163,701
and that Burgess & McLean, Architects be engaged to prepare plans and specifications.

19 September 1958. Letter from Yves Prevost QC, Provincial Secretary to school board. “Upon the recommendation of Mr. Gérard Desjardins, MPP, the government of this province has authorized payment of a a grant of sixty-five percent of $133,500 toward the building of an extension to the Intermediate school. The grant ... will be paid in five equal instalment of $17,355.


11 February 1959. Letter from W.C. McCullogh, Inspector of Superior Schools, to school board. “I visited the Intermediate school ... The school is not being cleaned as it should... What progress has been made with respect to the addition to your school? This is rather urgent since some of the classes are too large and the use of the gymnasium as a classroom is not a satisfactory arrangement”.

18 March 1959. Letter from Yves Prevost QC, Provincial Secretary to school board. “Upon the recommendation of Mr. Gérard Desjardins, MPP, the grant towards the building of an extension to the Intermediate school has been increased to 70% of $133,500.”

August 1959. Estimate to convert existing heating from coal-fire furnace to oil-fired furnace.


8 February 1960. Letter from H.S. Billings, Dept of Education to school board. “Mr W.C. McCullogh, Inspector of High Schools ... reports ... a large, wide crack in the wall... Take up the question without delay with your architect.”

24 June 1960. Deed of sale from D. Veterans Affairs to school board for 15a lot 162, Range 1, 57,614 square feet (1.32 acres) for $1400. This is the green space to the East of the school up to North Arm.

5 August 1960. Letter from school board to Dr. E.S. Giles, Dept of Education. “Our architect has accepted the building and issued a certificate for final payment to the contractor. Kindly let us know by return mail if the officers of the Department of Education wish to inspect the building before we make the final payment to our contractor who is getting impatient with the delayed payment of this account.”

Balance sheet for final cost of additions, includes converting coal fired heating to oil fired heating.

Boiler replacement.

1970 Drainage and paving plan.

1972 Renovation to lunch room.

21 March 1974. Letter from Protestant School Board of Greater Hull, Aylmer, to Municipality of Lucerne (City of Aylmer files, Planning dept.) “As you are no doubt aware, rats are nesting in the drainage ditch that borders Crescent Drive. Rats nests were also found around the garbage sheds on the South Hull Elementary School property... It is requested that Town Council initiate immediate action to effect extermination of rats in this area to protect children... Incidentally it was reported that a rat attacked one of the garbage men and bit through his trousers.”

1974 Renovations to Kindergarten room.

1975 July, approval to purchase 2 portables for South Hull.

1978 Renovation of office.


Audet, Blais and Grondin, Architects (D’Arcy Audet). Extension to include 6 classrooms, a special education room, kindergarten and gymnasium. This will give a total of 24 classrooms.

24 August 1981, authorized to call for tenders to construct gym and extension.

16 December 1981, Minister authorized signing of contract with Ed Brunet et Fils Ltée for construction of extension.

3 February 1982, 12 noon. Sod turning ceremony for extension, with Philemon Wright Band and South Hull school choir, and dignitaries.

1982-1985 Major roof renovations.

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