Other reports on local history, farming, protecting the local environment, local issues and people, etc.

Blue-green algae: Environmental crisis? (cyanobacteria/pond scum) August 2007
Compost, let it rot

History of the PPJ (CP Rail-line) in municipality of Pontiac, to 2003
Firemen take part in challenge at Shawville Fair 4 September 2005
Bus tour of Clarendon, 5 July 2005
Ontario Cup downhill bike races at Camp Fortune, 12 June 2005
Gatineau Mills, historic tour. 5 June 2005
Walking for Planet Earth, 18 May 2005

ATV riders destroy fences, signs, 29 May 2004
Philemon Wright hosts special mini-olympics
Protecting shorelines, riverbanks
Philemon Wright’s fund raiser for gym floor
Jamie Laidlaw’s barn repair article
Quebec patients 2, 18 Nov 2003

Quebec patients 1, 14 Nov 2003
Bravery award for Luskville RCMP officer
Well signs, 4 June 2003
Financing delays, 30 May 2003
Breckenridge cleanup
, May 2003

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